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        The Union’s Department of Tobacco Control is a global leader in the fight against tobacco use. Since 2007 we have worked in over 50 countries, impacting two-thirds of the world’s smokers. Our experts work with governments and civil society to develop the policies, legislation and infrastructure proven to reduce tobacco use.

        Our goal is to advance the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control [WHO FCTC] – an international health treaty that provides a coordinated strategy to reduce tobacco use. Our work centres on the WHO’s MPOWER – a package of evidence-based measures designed to help countries effectively implement the WHO FCTC.

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        The Union’s tobacco control headquarters is in New York, USA, and we have experts based in every inhabited continent across the globe. Tobacco control hubs are based in India, Singapore and China. Our team has specialised knowledge in the legal, economic, policy development, management, training and communications aspects of tobacco control.

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        产乳少女M产乳少女onitor tobacco use and prevention policies

        产乳少女P产乳少女rotect people from tobacco smoke

        产乳少女O产乳少女ffer to help quit tobacco use

        产乳少女W产乳少女arn about the dangers of tobacco

        产乳少女E产乳少女nforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

        产乳少女R产乳少女aise taxes on tobacco

        Download the MPOWER brochure...

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        The Tobacco Control Department is based at The Union Europe Office, Edinburgh, registered charity no. SC039880
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