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        One-third of the world’s smokers live in the Western Pacific Region, totalling roughly 430 million smokers. This region has the highest number of smokers, the highest rate of male smoking and the highest rise of women and youth smokers out of any WHO region. Half of the population is regularly exposed to second-hand smoke in public places and in the home. There are approximately two deaths every minute from tobacco-related diseases and over 115,000 deaths per year due to second-hand smoke.

        Currently, 27 out of 27 WPRO countries are parties to the WHO FCTC

        World Health Organization Western Pacific Region. 2015. About: Tobacco Free Initiative in the Western Pacific Region. [Online] [Accessed March 2015]. Available from: http://www.wpro.who.int/tobacco/about/en/



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        The Tobacco Control Department is based at The Union Europe Office, Edinburgh, registered charity no. SC039880
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