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        12% of the world’s smokers live in the American Region. 145 million people—or 22% of the adult population—smoke in this region. 16% of deaths in adults over 30 are tobacco related, exceeding the global average of 12% and dwarfing the rates of 3% and 7% in the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions. There are around 1 million deaths annually attributed to tobacco.

        One of the biggest challenges to tobacco control in the Americas is the strong tobacco industry presents. The industry actively markets and promotes its products to youth, women and low-income individuals while aggressively and uncompromisingly combating tobacco control measures.

        30 of 35 American countries are parties to the WHO FCTC as of January 2015.

        World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization. Tobacco Control Report for the Region of the Americas. Washington, DC: WHO, 2013.


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