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        北京pk10OUR IMPACT: 4.13 billion people in 28 countries through advertising bans*北京pk10

        The tobacco industry markets its products directly through advertising, and indirectly through promotions and sponsorship. Comprehensive TAPS bans must cover traditional and emerging platforms for marketing, including: print media; branded packaging; pointof- sale displays; billboards; online and social media; direct mail; sponsorship of events, individuals and organisations; brand-stretching to non-tobacco products; apparent 'corporate social responsibility' campaigns; free give-aways and price promotions.

        北京pk10Key Facts北京pk10
        ? Tobacco advertising increases consumption.
        ? One third of youth experimentation with tobacco is a result of exposure to tobacco
        advertising, promotion and sponsorship.
        ? Comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship (TAPS) reduce
        tobacco consumption.
        ? Partial advertising bans do not work because tobacco companies use indirect advertising
        methods to circumvent bans.
        ? Article 13 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control [WHO FCTC] requires
        parties to implement measures that allow for a comprehensive ban on direct and
        indirect tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

        *Updated April 2019


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